Faculty Registration & Experience Certificates

It is clarified that under the PMC Ordinance, 2019 the Commission will continue to register persons who seek to work as faculty in recognized medical or dental colleges. The registration of faculty members already registered shall continue as valid registration.

In addition to registration of faculty, each faculty member and the respective medical and dental colleges shall be required to independently inform the Commission of any change in status of employment of the faculty within 15 days of such change in status of employment, which shall be recorded by the Commission on the profile of the faculty.

The Commission shall not be issuing any Experience Certificates for faculty in the future. An experience certificate is to be issued by the relevant employer institution certifying the period of employment and teaching by the relevant faculty member. Any institution seeking to employ a faculty shall directly take into consideration the experience certificate/s as issued by the past employers of the faculty for purposes of determining the eligibility and seniority of the faculty.

All persons who have applied for experience certificates and which had not yet been granted shall be reimbursed the fee paid by them.

Registration of Postgraduate and Additional Qualifications

It is clarified that any academic qualification obtained by a person holding a license to practice medicine or dentistry which does not have a direct bearing on the ability of the licensee to practice medicine or dentistry shall not be registered with the Commission or recorded on the license of the practitioner pursuant to Section 23, 24 or 25 of the PMC Ordinance, 2019.  

Pursuant to Section 30(3) of the PMC Ordinance, 2019 only those postgraduate or additional qualifications obtained by a licensee which qualify a licensee to use such qualifications towards the treatment of patients as described under Section 30(2) of the PMC Ordinance, 2019. 

It is further clarified that any academic qualification obtained a person which may not be registrable under Sections 23, 24 or 25 for the reasons stated above, may utilize such academic qualifications for purposes of teaching in a medical or dental college subject to such academic qualifications meeting the criteria for faculty of the relevant subject. 

Issuance of Provisional Licenses to Students having passed NEB Examinations

It is confirmed that Provisional Licenses to all students who have duly qualified the NEB Examinations shall be issued immediately without any delay upon receipt of the notification of the results by the Ministry of National Health Services. The results have been already sent to the Ministry for due notification as is required and the same is awaited.

Registration of Undergraduate Students

For purposes of registration of undergraduate students in the 2019-2020 session, all colleges shall be required to provide to the Commission on the restructured Student Registration sheet containing a list of all students admitted to the college duly verified by the Principal of the college within 30 days of the completion of admissions pursuant to Section 20(3) of the PMC Ordinance, 2019. Any delay in submission by a college shall result in a penalty being imposed upon the college as determined by the Council.

The registration fee of undergraduate students shall for the current year remain Rs.3,000 for public colleges and Rs.5,000 for private colleges. Contrary to practice in the past, no college shall charge registration fee in addition to the fixed registration fee. Any fee charged in addition to the fixed registration fee shall be reimbursed to the students.

The college shall along with the student registration form verifying the students admitted to the college sent the fixed registration fee only.

The Commission shall upon receipt of the Student Registration Form, register the students and issue the Student Registration Number to each college and also to each of the students through sms, email and post.

Verification of all academic and other credentials of the students admitted is the responsibility of the college verifying the admitted students. The Commission shall retain the right to re verify any credential if deemed necessary in the future uptil the date of the graduation of a registered student.

Any later dropout students would be dealt with thereafter, when such students drop out in accordance with the requisite regulations once promulgated.

Any student registrations from previous years as may be pending shall be processed on a priority basis after due verifications are obtained from the colleges however, no student shall be adversely affected on account of the failure of the college or the erstwhile PM&DC to register the students in the past where such student had a right to be registered having been properly admitted to the college in accordance with law.

Issuance of Provisional License to Graduating Students

The Universities are being required from this year to submit under Section 20(4) of the PMC Ordinance, 2019 a verified list of all students who have successfully completed their program of study and qualified for grant of the requisite degree. Each University shall provide the list of graduated students to the Commission within 10 days of the final results being notified by the University.

All students who graduate in 2019 and their names are submitted by the relevant University under Section 20(4) of the PMC Ordinance, 2019 shall be required to submit a Provisional License Registration Form which may be downloaded from the PMC website or click here to download. The requisite fee may be deposited with any National Bank of Pakistan branch in the notified PMC Account using the challan also available at the PMC website [add link]. The form and copy of fee challan shall be forwarded by the graduating student to PMC by courier or post.

All graduating students are requested to use the new restructured Provisional License Registration Forms available at the PMC website [click here] and not the old forms. Upon receipt of the form and fee from the graduating student the Provisional License shall be issued within 14 days of receipt by the Commission.

Tuition Fee for students being admitted to Medical / Dental Colleges in 2019-2020

It is clarified that the tuition fee for students being admitted to Medical / Dental Colleges in 2019-2020 session shall be a maximum of Rs.950,000 as provided under the Admissions Regulations 2018 and all private colleges in addition are permitted to charge hostel fee and other applicable and decalred charges.

All colleges have been required by the Commission to immediately submit a list of their fee for the current year along with all charges including hostel fee as is being charged.  These charges will be displayed on the PMC Website on being received.  

In the event the Commission finds that any charges in addition to the Tuition Fee or Hostel Fee are being imposed contrary to the Admissions Regulations 2018 the same shall be rejected.  

All students are informed that any fees or charges demanded by a college are to be deposited in the dedicated online account of the college.  No fees or charges are to be paid in cash or by any other means. 

Any student from whom any charges or fees is demanded or obtained by a college in addition to the approved fee or charges may immediately file a complaint with the Commission at and action shall be taken immediately.